Every rough diamond we choose is a natural beauty. It was made by Mother Nature and we prefer to keep it that way. We don’t see imperfections, we see personality. Isn’t that what makes us who we are? Love it like it is.


It wasn’t until her husband returned from Antwerp with hundreds of photos of raw diamonds, that Maya first saw diamonds in their natural form, and fell in love. With all the imperfections laid bare, she saw their effortless natural beauty.

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We craft different kinds of jewellery as bespoke orders, but be sure to check out what we have in store.

The hidden boutique

Perfect conditions are needed to make diamonds in nature, so for Maya perfect conditions should be created to try them. Our Hidden Boutique and Workshop on Bredgade is indeed a rarity worth finding.

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Our workshop

We have all our unique pieces designed and handcrafted in the Hidden Boutique, following the piece from loose rough diamond idea to finished Fine Jewellery piece.

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With free traceable, insured shipping, you will receive an engraved love lock to seal your love wherever you are.

Christmas in our hidden boutique

Our hidden boutique on Bredgade 56 and in-house workshop is indeed a rarity worth finding. Close to Amalienborg Palace, the Roughdiamonds.dk boutique is an oasis of calm, away from the bustle of business and traffic. We have decorated for Christmas and look forward to welcoming you safely in our hidden boutique. 

Visit us for a glass of Port

As always we are here to welcome you with a glass of Port or freshly brewed coffee during our opening hours. We will safely guide your through the selection in our boutique. We make sure to keep our jewellery extra clean and the Hidden Boutique shining and well equipped with sanitiser. All our personel are wearing face masks. We kindly ask you to do the same when visiting. Safety first. Always.