We don't see imperfections, we see character and individuality.

It’s hard to be perfect, actually it’s impossible. Yet we constantly chase it, and it’s exhausting. Imagine if we could be happy with our own imperfections and accept imperfections in others? That’s when we are our happiest.


Because imperfection is interesting. Imperfection is personality, it’s character, it’s human. Leonard Cohen famously said, “There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”. We couldn’t agree more. Love it like it is.

Show your love in Copenhagen 

If you are aching to tell the world that you are in love, then Paris' Pont des Arts might no longer be the destination. The bridge was once covered in 45 tonnes of love locks, but last year officials removed the lovers' symbols and the bridge railings got a new anti "Love Lock" design. Copenhagen, though, might just be the right destination. Although, it's seemingly cold and minimal here, you'll find incredible warmth once you take a minute to explore the city's hidden treasures. 

We hereby invited you to the heart of Copenhagen to express your love at Roughdiamonds.dk's very own Love Arch.

With every piece of jewellery, we give you your own Love Lock and invite you to hang it on our Love Arch.

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Why we Love It Like It Is

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