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We don't see imperfections, we see character and individuality.

It’s hard to be perfect, actually it’s impossible. Yet we constantly chase it, and it’s exhausting. Imagine if we could be happy with our own imperfections and accept imperfections in others? That’s when we are our happiest.


Because imperfection is interesting. Imperfection is personality, it’s character, it’s human. Leonard Cohen famously said, “There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”. We couldn’t agree more. Love it like it is.


Our School Project

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We have started a cooperation with a little school in the remote village of Chisanza in North Eastern Zambia. For every piece of jewellery we sell, makes a donation directly to the school and the children’s education. 


A glimpse from our trip to Africa in March 2018 and our school project in the remote village Chisanza. Read more under News.






How we work: