Diamond jewellery

Diamonds Are Forever

There is nothing more classic than diamond jewellery. We have all dreamt of wearing a diamond tiara and waltzing in a ball gown in the arms of our Prince Charming. As adults we still dream, but it has changed slightly. Now we want that special piece that matches our own style and personality.

At Roughdiamonds.dk you will find unique pieces of diamond jewellery, which is like no one else.  Here they work with rough diamonds of the fine gem quality, which has been handpicked right before they were to be sent on to be cut and polished. They have a special inner life, unique shapes and a world of colour. Not two are alike and not one of them are what a diamond expert will call perfect. Instead, they choose to love the diamond like it is, exactly as Mother Nature created it.



Diamonds sizes


From Antwerp to Copenhagen

Designer and founder, Maya Bjørnsten, is often seen in the diamond capital of Antwerp in Belgium, where is among the first to handpick the rough diamonds she falls in love with. The selection might be big, but she only chooses the ones that makes her heart skip a beat. The rest is sent back to be cut and polished into the traditional diamonds we know. Back home in Copenhagen, she will set to work in her Hidden Boutique, where she once more intensely studies the diamonds before deciding which type of diamond jewellery it should become.




Jewellery with Personality

Maya Bjørnsten creates one-of-a-kind pieces based on the beauty of Mother Nature. Here the rough diamonds reigns supreme. Every stone is closely studied, so its most beautiful side will be showcased and then her team of expert goldsmiths takes over. They carefully handcraft the raw diamond in gold, white gold or rose gold. That is how they create diamond jewellery in respect for nature and those men and women, who dare to love each other with all their imperfections. It’s character, it’s personality and above all; human.


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