Natural Diamonds Vs. Lab Grown



Made by Mother Nature

Think as far back as you possibly can imagine. Maybe you think of the first man on the Moon. Maybe you imagine a simpler time with courtly love tales. Or maybe you picture yourself in a time when dinosaurs were dating. Skip all that and go even further back to 1 billion years ago and you would experience the creation of the natural diamonds. The rough, uncut natural diamonds are some of the oldest material to still exist on earth and this is what contributes to their rarity and exclusivity. To have a natural diamond is to have a piece of the history of the world on your finger and a promise of eternity.


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Recent Years

Mankind has always tried to emulate and copy Mother Nature. Just think of all the experiments done to clone DNA and the successful cloning of the sheep Dolly. It seems like humans always want to try to best the original beauty.


Our desire to become better than Mother Nature has even led scientists to create Lab Grown diamonds, where diamonds are created by using machines, intricate calculations and highly difficult methods. When cut and polished into regular diamonds, these look exactly as the natural diamonds from Mother Nature and you will need advanced technology to distinguish between a Lab Grown and a natural diamond.


However, when the diamonds are in their rough state, it is clear to see which one was created with love by Mother Nature millions and billions of years ago and which one was grown in a factory a mere month ago.


That is why designer and founder of, Maya Bjørnsten, has vowed to only use the rough, uncut natural diamonds from Mother Nature. She wants to showcase their inherent beauty and tell their stories, which started well before humans even walked the Earth.


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