Rough diamond rings

Every single diamond ring tells a story. Often of love. Dates or experiences we’d like to remember. Cherished memories. And when we say the word diamond, it is more often than not the picture of a perfectly cut,  white, clear brilliant that comes to mind. That is how we got to know the diamond and how we saw it in our mother’s diamond ring. 

Rough diamond rings

Rough diamond rings

Why do diamonds have to look alike and be perfect?  At we see the beauty in the imperfect, the natural and the unique. Here, the diamonds are not chosen based on the classic 4 C’s – Cut, Colour, Clarity, and Carat. Here, it is the raw, uncut diamonds inherent beauty, inner life, and character that takes centre stage in the story. And you will probably see it too - in our rough diamond rings which are full of character. 

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A unique selection of natural rough diamond rings 

In the unique jewellery universe in the heart of Copenhagen, you’ll find the diamonds in their rough, unpolished, and uncut state in which Mother Nature created them a minimum of 900 million years ago. Their shapes and colours are completely different from one another and are very far removed from the classic idea of the classic round brilliant. Organic, rounded shapes are mixed sharply edged double pyramid shaped diamonds and elegantly set in 14 karat handcrafted gold, white gold or rose gold. The expression is completely unique. Just like the woman or man, who one day will wear and love it.

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All the natural colours in our rough diamonds rings

The colours of the rough diamonds are as special as the rough diamond ring itself. Exclusive uncut pink diamonds play with the warm yellow and brown, while the fine green and strong black diamonds also want to play a part. They are beautiful on their own, but even more set in an elegant rough diamond ring. You can read more about our diamonds rings here


Attention to detail in every raw uncut diamond ring

It takes a discerning eye to handcraft a ring that exactly fits just that unique and special rough diamond. From the moment it is personally chosen by designer Maya Bjørnsten in the diamond capital Antwerp in Belgium till the moment she decides to create a special, unique diamond ring with it, she intensely studies its inner life and characteristics. 

She knows every single rock’s lines and it is based on this, she designs and creates the jewellery to match its uniqueness. The perfect rough diamond ring. 

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Bespoke rough diamond rings

All our one-of-a-kind rough diamond rings are crafted by hand. In the workshop, our two goldsmiths and diamond setter work tirelessly to make Maya’s visions come true.

It takes time, effort, skills, and passion to work with the imperfect rough diamonds and to set them in an edgy, simple, and clean Danish jewellery design ring. And because no two raw diamonds are the same, no two rough diamond rings will ever be the same. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

We create different kinds of rough diamond rings as bespoke orders, but be sure to be inspired by what we have in store. If you have any questions regarding our jewellery we have made this FAQ, you are also more than welcome to contact us or come by the boutique. 

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