Ethical and conflict-free diamonds

The rough diamonds used in our one-of-a-kind pieces has been purchased in accordance with the Kimberley Process to ensure that all the rough diamonds are conflict free and in agreement with UN resolutions.

Furthermore, our rough diamond dealer goes beyond the Kimberley Process and is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council that makes extra efforts and has more attention to diamond trade in accordance with human rights, social and environmental practices as well as transparent and accountable manners from the second the rough diamond appears from the mine to the moment it enters the diamond market in Antwerp, Belgium.

The diamonds being used have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with UN resolutions. The seller hereby guarantees that the diamonds are conflict free based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by the supplier of these diamonds.

Shipping and insurance

We offer free shipping all over the world. Expect 2-3 days delivery time.

All deliveries come with a certificate and travel insurance. All orders are traceable and insured from the moment it leaves our hands, to the moment it arrives in yours.

The certificate is individually made for all customers, and the jewellery is placed in a handcrafted black lacquered wooden box enclosed in a hand-stitched canvas and leather pouch.


Tax Free Shipping between Denmark and the US (or other countries outside the EU)

When ordering jewellery from a country outside the EU, the Danish VAT of 25% will be deducted after selecting your shipping address outside the EU. You may also be liable to pay customs duty. Purchase price will change after selecting your shipping address.

Online orders inside EU

Please note that from the 1st July 2021 all businesses selling goods to private individuals living in other EU Member States are required to collect the VAT based on the VAT rate applicable in the country of the private individual’s shipping address. Purchase price will change after selecting your shipping address. However, you won’t have to pay customs duty. 

All shipments are done with PostNord or Courier where applicable.

VAT and customs duty

Fees on orders inside the EU: National VAT calculated based on country in shipping address, no customs duty.

Fees on orders outside the EU: Exempted from the 25% Danish VAT based on country in shipping address being outside EU, customs duty if liable.



Size guides

Are you looking for a size guide before deciding on what jewellery to order?

Diamonds: Find your size guide here.

Rings: Find your size guide here.

Earrings: Find your size guide here.

Necklace: Find your size guide here.

Bracelets: Find your size guide here.


Delivery time

Free insured shipping all over the world with 2-3 days delivery time.



How long is the production for resizing the jewellery?

2-3 working days. We can always resize your jewellery again if the size shouldn’t fit perfectly for a symbolic charge.


Refund/exchange policy


It is possible to refund your orders except custom made / customized jewellery.

You are entitled to withdraw from your purchase order within 14 days counted from the date when the products were delivered to you. You may exercise your right of withdrawal without stating any reasons by sending us a notification by e-mail.

International orders must be returned to us via courier service to ensure that they are protected and insured during transit. Return freights must be paid by you.

Any returns by delivery must be properly packaged. You are responsible for any incurred damages during the transportation of the products unless the product was mistakenly delivered to you or if the product was already damaged when it was delivered. You shall bear the cost of returning the product(s). It is not possible to determine the cost for returning the product(s) in advance as this depends on the weight of the package and choice of transportation etc.

Returned product(s) should be in good, unused & undamaged condition. This includes the original box and signature Roughdiamonds.dk bag. 

The right of withdrawal does not apply to products made/personalized to your specifications. This includes, but is not excluded to, custom made pieces or any changes at all made to the original piece, such as lengthening or shortening of chains

Learn more about our refund policy under our terms & conditions.



There is a 2-year warranty on any products purchased from Roughdiamonds.dk. 

The warranty is the client’s right to complain about a piece that has defects. For the first six months of the warranty the burden of proof is with Roughdiamonds.dk and for the next 18 months it falls to the client. 

Should the piece of jewellery break during the warranty period, the cost of repair or exchange is ours, except if the damage is caused by faulty use, handling errors, modifications by a second party or gross misuse by the client, then the repair or exchange is not covered by the warranty. 

We professionally inspect the piece(s) of jewellery upon return and if we conclude the piece has in any way been misused or mishandled the repair must be paid by the customer regardless of the two year warranty.

Learn more about our exchange policy under our terms & conditions.



Can you order jewellery similar to other existing jewellery from Roughdiamonds.dk?

All jewellery from Roughdiamonds.dk are uniquely handmade. As a result, we can not replicate jewellery. We can find other beautiful natural rough diamonds and try to make a similar piece — but an exact replica is per definition not possible, as we only offer unique ready-to-wear or bespoke jewellery.