The Rough Diamond Talisman

What is the first thing you fiddle with, when you are nervous? Your necklace. It is the thing that frames your features and that you hold onto during times of stress and happiness. It makes it one of the most important pieces. Some might even call it a talisman.

There is no better talisman than a rough diamond. The ancient Indians believed it protected against sickness, evil spirits and bad omens – as long as it remained as Mother Nature had created it. That is why they were venerated, protected, and fought over. To have a necklace with a raw diamond was a sign of power. And still is to this day.


Powerful, Strong and Beautiful

Natural Raw diamonds are as different from one another as you and me. Each and every one comes from Mother Nature, where she carefully handmade them a minimum of 900 million years ago. Before the internet was a thing. Before the Great Fire of London. Before the pyramids were build. Yes, even before the dinosaurs were dating. They are true pieces of eternity and that is celebrated by the company of, which specialises in raw uncut diamonds of the finest gem quality. It is these specific pieces, that are set into one-of-a-kind necklaces in different sizes and lengths to suit the intended wearer.


Classic Diamond Necklace… With A Twist

Classic diamond necklaces come in a ton of variations, shapes and lengths. From the ultra-classic diamond riviere to the long sautoir. At, you will find diamond necklaces with a twist. A raw diamond choker in 14 karat solid gold to fine, delicate white gold chains in 18 karat. They all have the common feature that they are unusual and all created with the specific purpose of showcasing the raw beauties at their finest.

Every piece is unique and for the designer, Maya Bjørnsten, it is important that it is equally comfortable to wear in everyday life and for that special party.

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