Raw diamond ring

Baby… I’m not like the rest

You are not like the rest, so why should your jewellery be? At Roughdiamonds.dk you will find the raw diamond ring, that has character, personality and an inner fire like you’ve never seen it before. The natural uncut rough diamonds with a minimum 900 million years old love stories are set and handcrafted into 14 karat gold, white gold and rose gold. Just as Mother Nature intended them to.




Not like your grandmother’s ring

When we say the word “diamond”, we often think about a white, clear round brilliant. It is how we have always known the diamond and how we have always seen it. But that has not always been the case. In fact, its colour, carat weight and shape might have looked remarkedly different when it was created. Why not try to appreciate Mother Nature’s imperfect creation for what it is; beautifully natural. 

At Roughdiamonds.dk, every piece of Fine Jewellery is unique. A rough diamond is personally selected by designer and founder Maya Bjørnsten in the diamond capital of Antwerp in Belgium, where she uses her discerning eye to study each individual stones. Those she falls in love with comes home to the heart of Copenhagen with her, while the rest is sent on to be cut and polished into the traditional diamond we know so well. In her little Hidden Boutique and Workshop in Copenhagen’s main art street Bredgade, each rough diamond is handcrafted into a work of art. A raw diamond ring comes to life after she sets her two goldsmiths and diamond setter to work with the rough diamond by gently setting it in 14 karat gold, white gold or rose gold. A wide collection is available, but it is also possible to select your very own natural rough diamond, and have it created into a bespoke one-of-a-kind piece in collaboration with the designer and her team of expert goldsmiths.


Our diamonds


Every piece comes with its own certificate stating its characteristics, value and guarantees that the rough diamonds have been sourced according to the Kimberley Process, are conflict free and are traded with high ethical standards.

Each individual piece express character and how a beautiful work of art can be created when Mother Nature and mankind work together.

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