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From Mine to Ring

We, as humans, have always loved diamonds. We love them for their sparkle, for their stories and for their symbolism. In fact, it is hard to think of any symbol more powerful than a diamond. However, no matter how much we love them, their reputation has become a bit more tainted in recent years and even more awareness of ethical diamonds has become integral to the diamond world.


This meant that the Kimberley Process was introduced in 2003. This procedure ensures that the diamonds have not been involved in funding in any conflict against government and authorities and that they are traced from the mine to the local government office and then to the respective diamond markets in the world.


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Responsibility at the Core

The Kimberley Process has done a lot to ensure that the diamonds entering the market has not been involved in funding conflict. A lot has been done, but there is always more to do to. The rough diamonds used at are ethical diamonds, as designer and founder Maya Bjørnsten work with diamond dealers, who are members of the Responsible Jewellery Council. This means that all the conditions under which the diamonds have been sourced has undergone further inspections. There is no child labour at the mines, good labour and human rights conditions as well as even more attention to environmental impact.




As Maya says: “We have always loved diamonds and we will continue to do so. We, at, will always work to make sure that we can love them for an eternity more. We want to highlight the positive and good stories about the ethical diamonds we use. We can only get answers by asking questions and we want to do what we can to contribute to responsible diamonds in Fine Jewellery.


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