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Engagement Ring with a Rough Diamond

You have found the woman in your life, now you just need the right engagement ring for her. She is not like the rest, so why should her ring be? At Roughdiamonds.dk, you will find a world of unique rings in 14 karat gold, white gold and rose gold with uncut diamonds, which are exactly as Mother Nature created them a minimum of 900 million years ago. It makes the dinosaurs older than the dinosaurs and more worthy to be a strong symbol of your never-ending love story.


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 From Antwerp to Copenhagen

Designer and founder Maya Bjørnsten often travel to the diamond capital Antwerp in Belgium, where she is among the very first to handpick the rough diamonds. The selection is wide and wonderful, but only those which has something special and unique, that she falls in love with returns home with her to the small cottage in Bredgade, a stone throw from the Queen’s palace Amalienborg in Copenhagen. The cottage hosts both the Hidden Boutique and Maya’s own workshop, where all pieces of jewellery with the uncut diamonds are created from scratch. Here, you can find that exact uncut beauty, which is right for your beloved and in collaboration with Maya find the design of your engagement ring based on the right raw diamond for you.



Engagement Ring with a Special Love Story

To us, the best moment is when we see an engagement ring get a new loving home and become part of a special love story. The rough diamonds from Mother Nature has waited over 900 million years for Maya Bjørnsten to handpick them and it is, therefore, even more important for her and her team that the diamonds’ stories are right, true and authentic from their very beginning. At Roughdiamonds.dk, we exclusively work with conflict free diamonds, which comes from the good stories and diamond mines from all corners of the world. They are all certified from the moment they are found in the mines in South Africa, Canada, Australia, Russia, Tanzania, Angola and a lot of other countries to the moment our diamond dealers receive them in Antwerp. Every single engagement ring comes with a certificate, that describes the piece of jewellery, its value and guarantees that the diamonds has been traded ethically correct. We know how important it is, that your engagement ring is as unique and real as you and your love story, so we want to celebrate that every step of the way.

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