Danish Jewellery

The land of fairy tales and design

Denmark has a long tradition of design. A celebration of craftmanship, pride and a deep respect for the raw material, it is no wonder Danish design has become world-renowned.


When it comes to jewellery design, roughdiamonds.dk has big shoes to fill. 

Paying respect to the Danish jewellery heritage of Danish gold and silversmiths, Maya Bjørnsten has carved her own space in the land of fairy tales and design. 


In a small almost secret oasis in the heart of Copenhagen, you will find Roughdiamonds.dk. A secluded secret of Danish jewellery creation. The Hidden Boutique. 


Here, founder and assistant designer to Mother Nature, Maya Bjørnsten, works to create small works of art using natural uncut and unpolished rough diamonds. In their bareness and uncut form, you see their effortless natural beauty. No cutting would make the diamond as perfect as Mother Nature made it, and Maya carefully selects each stone for its imperfect beauty. It is the stone alone that decides what piece of jewellery it wants to become. What kind of edgy jewellery design that needs to be created and to set it to be loved just the way it is. The respect for the raw material that characterises Danish, even Scandinavian design and in particular Scandinavian jewellery design. 


It’s not only Maya’s passion for Danish design that makes Roughdiamonds.dk unique. It’s also her hands, her eyes, her head and, of course, her heart. To create Danish jewellery design that stands apart even in a Scandinavian jewellery setting. Natural and unpolished, just like the raw diamonds, Maya loves. 


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Functionality and design - the very core of Danish jewellery

Danish design jewellery is renowned for its functionality and design, and for Maya this is at the core of her belief. Every piece has to live up to a high standard. A piece of Danish jewellery that can be worn in the office and at the dinner party. With Maya’s design, the diamond takes centre stage. 


Ethically sourced diamonds, carefully chosen for their imperfect beauty. Maya relies on her experience and eye for the detail to handpick the diamonds that are special enough to love just the way they are. Instead of tampering with Mother Nature, Maya creates a base for the diamond in the rough. Only the finest and most unique uncut diamonds enter into a perfectly imperfect piece of Danish jewellery.


Danish craftsmanship meets edgy design and raw diamonds

Balance is key when a fine jewellery piece with a natural uncut diamond is handcrafted in the Scandinavian jewellery design taste like Maya’s. It needs to be simplistic, while still showing the inherent beauty of the rough diamond. It needs to have clean lines, while still showing the fun, weird and natural angles of the stones.


And above all, it needs to be understated and still show the majesty of the most desired gems of the world. A balance act that Roughdiamonds.dk is the master of.


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Clean Lines, Scandinavian Jewellery Designs

There is no mistaking of the signature surface of this Danish jewellery brand. You will be able to see the natural unpolished beauty. Each design piece is unique. Each diamond is specially chosen and handmade into the unique expression that you will learn to discern. Love the imperfect perfection like we do. A Scandinavian design like no other.   


The raw surface has been facetted and brushed, so it feels organic, soft and matches the expression of the rough diamond and the overall design. This is something special, even among Scandinavian designers, and once again shows Maya Bjørnsten’s innovative style.


Danish jewellery design for uncut diamonds only

With Roughdiamonds.dk you will only find designs with uncut diamonds. Most of our jewellery designs are created in gold with raw diamonds. As with the natural unpolished diamonds, no two designs are the same. They may be sisters. Not twins. 


When creating, Roughdiamonds.dk’s founder Maya Bjørnsten aims to craft sisters - handmade  edgy and special Danish design jewellery with uncut diamonds that have the same inner fire, similar carat weight, and overall expression. That is the beauty and uniqueness of working with rough diamonds. And then you can handcraft and design for the natural beauties of Mother Nature.


Conflict free, ethically sourced diamonds, of course. Read more about ethical diamonds here


Danish jewellery design for ladies and gents

Danish jewellery in classic Danish design can and should be worn by everyone. Founder and assistant designer to Mother Nature, Maya Bjørnsten, has dedicated her life to the natural raw diamonds creating designs for everyone and every occasion.


At Roughdiamonds.dk we think the modern gentlemen are as diverse as they are many. Uncut and rough. Unique and special enough to choose what is right for him. A set of cufflinks. A bespoke lapel pin. That edgy Signet Ring with one uncut diamond. The earring with the raw diamond like no other. Attention to uniqueness. A man like no other deserves Danish jewellery like no other.


A symbol of special occasions in life and of the personal style of modern gentlemen.  As Maya says:


To me, a rough diamond is a gift. It was created a minimum of 900 million years ago and it just makes sense when we see the right men pick up the right rough diamonds for their wedding bands. Two of my male friends asked me to create the rings for their town hall wedding ceremony and it was just magical to see the rough diamonds become part of their love story.” 


She smiles and gets a certain look in her eyes before she continues: 

It is all about love in the end. Loving each other as we are, loving all the flaws and imperfections. No matter who we are and who we love. Love is love.”


See our Gentlemen Collection.


Bespoke Scandinavian jewellery design

All our one-of-a-kind pieces are created in our Hidden Boutique. Here, our two goldsmiths and diamond setter work tirelessly to make Maya’s visions come true. It takes time, effort, skill, and passion to work with the imperfect rough diamonds in a clean Scandinavian jewellery design. And because no two raw diamonds are the same, no two pieces of jewellery are the same. We wouldn’t want it any other way.


We craft different kinds of jewellery as bespoke orders, but be sure to check out what we have in store.



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