Danish design jewelry

The Land of Fairy Tales and Design

The small Kingdom of Denmark is not only famous for its fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen, but also for its classic, timeless design. This does not only go for its furniture, but also for the Danish design jewellery. In a small oasis in the heart of Copenhagen, you will find Roughdiamonds.dk. Here, founder and assistant designer to Mother Nature, Maya Bjørnsten, works to create small works of art using natural uncut and unpolished rough diamonds. Each stone has been carefully selected for its imperfect beauty and it is the stone alone, that decides what piece of jewellery it wants to become.


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Functionality and Design

Danish design jewellery is renowned for its functionality and for Maya, this is at the core of her belief. Every piece has to live up to a high standard, where they can be worn both for the office and for the fancy dinner party.


Danish Craftsmanship

Balance is key when a Fine Jewellery piece with a natural uncut diamond is handcrafted in the Scandinavian taste. It needs to be simplistic, while still showing the inherent beauty of the rough diamond. It needs to have clean lines, while still showing the fun, weird and natural angles of the stones. And above all, it needs to be understated and still show the majesty of the most desired gems of the world. A balance act, that Roughdiamonds.dk is the master of.


Clean Scandinavian Lines

There is no mistaking of the signature surface of the brand’s jewellery. The raw surface has been facetted and brushed, so it feels organic, soft and matched the expression of the rough diamond and the overall design. This is something special, even among Nordic designers, and once again shows Maya Bjørnsten’s innovative style.


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