The Modern Gentleman

When we say “Gentleman”, we often think of a British man with a top hat, morning suit and a strong moustache. However, that might not still be true.

At, a small Hidden Boutique and workshop in the heart of Copenhagen, the modern gentlemen are as diverse as they are many. Rough and uncut.



He has self-confidence enough to choose what is right for him, whether it be with a bespoke rough diamond lapel pin or a set of cufflinks with that extra finish on the white gold. Attention to uniqueness is the key.


 From Copenhagen With Love

Founder and assistant designer to Mother Nature, Maya Bjørnsten, has dedicated her life to the natural raw diamonds. For her, there is simply no one who should not or could not wear a natural uncut diamond. As she says:

            “To me, a rough diamond is a gift. It was created a minimum of 900 million years ago and it just makes sense when we see the right men pick up the right rough diamonds for their wedding bands. Two of my male friends asked me to create the rings for their town hall wedding ceremony and it was just magical to see the rough diamonds become part of their love story.” She smiles and gets a certain look in her eyes before she continues:

            “It is all about love in the end. Loving each other as we are, loving all the flaws and imperfections. No matter who we are and who love. Love is love.”

Jewellery should be worn and loved by everyone. It is a symbol of special occasions in life and of the personal style of the modern gentlemen.

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