The Most Sensitive Spot

Did you know that your wrist is one of the most sensitive places on your body? Try to run a finger, or even better a feather, lightly over it. Feel the tingling sensation, like the touch of a lover’s hands.

That place is where your bracelet sits. If you choose with your heart and soul, it will be a constant reminder to stay connected to your body and to remember that you are home and safe.


A Protective Charm

The ancient Indians believed that rough, uncut diamonds protected the soul against sickness. So, what better place to wear it than as a bracelet on the body’s most sensitive place?

Our handcrafted rough diamond bracelets come in 18 karat gold, white gold, rose gold and an even more edgy expression with black rhodium. Another option is the chunky bangles, that has a more solid impression. What sets them apart from any other bracelet are the unique raw diamonds as the centrepiece, which are nothing like anything you’ve ever seen before.


From Mother Nature With Love

The legends of the rough diamonds are countless. And to designer of, Maya Bjørnsten, they are all true. She believes in the power of the natural rough diamonds and having the raw beauties from Ghana, Lesotho, Russia, Australia and Canada set in one-of-a-kind bracelets customised specifically to your wrist size and your wishes for an unique piece of jewellery.

Every piece with a natural rough diamond has its own charm, sparkle and personality. For Maya it is important that the gems match the wearer’s personality and style, while being a beautiful reminder of Mother Nature’s eternal love.


The Last Touch

Even though it might be the last piece of jewellery that you consider putting on in the morning, it is the thing that adds that extra detail and touch to any outfit. That is the beauty of the unisex bracelet with a rough diamond. They come with their own character, personality and style, but it is you that enhance it.

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