Karen Blixen told in silver, pearls and diamonds 2022-2023

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We have been invited to make a special piece for the exhibition Silver Tales, which opens at Karen Blixen Museum Rungstedlund on October 6th.
The brooch features twelve natural rough colourless diamonds, a total of 8.05 carats from Tanzania, masterfully set in sterling silver, as required by the exhibition curator.
Karen Blixen’s farm was located in Kenya, but as the soil there doesn’t yield diamonds, we turned to Tanzania, where some spectacular roughs called out to us. And when the heart calls, our hands listen.
We have illustrated Blixen’s love of the Keynesian levels plains with a brooch designed as the flower White Feather Carnation.
The inspiration for the brooch comes from this iconic Blixen quote:
"In the first month of the rains, a sort of wild white fragrant Feather-Carnation bloomed so richly all over the Reserve that at a distance the plains look patched with snow”.
Our brand heritage is reflected in its deliberate rough surface – and of course in the superlative rough diamonds set on it.