What's going on in our Hidden Boutique

Rose Wall

May - On Now

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For every rose blooming on the wall, a piece of jewellery has been given in love by the people who love each other the way they are.

The #RoseWallCPH has bloomed since 2017 and will continue to grow with love stories every summer.

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Secret Beauties

January - April 2019

The Carnival in Venice is famous for its big masquerades, where everyone is hiding behind a mask. Sometimes life itself can feel like a masquerade, where we are hiding our true selves. We believe life is most beautiful when we see the true wonder behind the masks and loves us exactly for who we are. To us, that is the secret beauty of the rough diamonds, who are brave enough to show their beauty to the world without any cutting and polishing. That is the secret beauty of being and loving life as it is.


Perfectly Imperfect

Christmas 2018

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Our School Project


A glimpse from our trip to Africa in March 2018 and our school project in the remote village Chisanza.

Love Never Fails

A little over a year ago my 13-year-old daughter along with her friend, started her own project, Pillows For Africa, where half the profit of every handcrafted pillow sold goes directly to a health clinic in rural Zambia.

 Rebekka inspires me every day. That is why we decided to work with a local school next to the health clinic in Chisanza, North Eastern Zambia. A remote area with lots of opportunities to grow and prosper.

This year, we will support the children with pencils, books and other necessities for their schooling. We visited the school in March 2018 and it touched my soul, heart and mind to see the difference a pen and a book can make. We hope to play a small part in helping young Zambians reach their dreams.
Although we sell luxury, getting an education should not be. For every piece of jewellery we sell, Roughdiamonds.dk gives a donation directly to the children and their school.

This is the first time we have done something like this. We don’t have a grand plan yet. We just know that we want to make a positive difference. For now the pupils have books, and we will continue to support them with more teachers, tables, chairs and more.

 We want to give you a glimpse of our journey to Chizansa, so my rough diamond of a husband has created this video filled with love.

Love Stories

June - September 2018

Last year we created a Rose Wall with one rose for every piece of our rough diamond jewellery that has found a new home with people who love each other the way they are. Now the roses are back with even more love stories to tell. #Roughdiamondsdk #LoveItLikeItIs #RoseWallCPH

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Charity Project in Zambia

My body has just returned home from Zambia in Africa, but a part of my soul, mind and heart has stayed behind. We believe in creating opportunities for everyone and one of the best ways to do it, is education. North Eastern Zambia is in many ways “off the map” and so isolated that regular help organisations rarely makes the journey there. We did. 

We, at Roughdiamonds.dk, will now work to create better opportunities for the children and their community. More to follow on this exciting project in the coming months.



Sweethearts in Copenhagen

March - June 2018

A glimpse of our creations and exhibition for the coming months.

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If you’re aching to tell the world that you are in love, then Paris’ Pont des Arts might no longer be the destination. The bridge was once covered in 45 tonnes of love locks, but last year officials removed the lovers’ symbols and the bridge railings got a new “Love Lock proof” design.

We hereby invite you to the heart of Copenhagen to show your love. 

With every piece of jewellery, we give you your own Love Lock and invite you to hang it on our Love Arch.

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Love Cures Everything

January - February 2018
We believe love cures everything. Learning to love imperfection will feed your soul for a lifetime.

No pills needed. Just love.



Baby I'm not like the rest

Christmas 2017

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A little hint to your loved one.

We are open for those who would like help creating a personalised wish list for Christmas from the 28th of November to the 2nd of Dec.

Join us at our Hidden Boutique, Bredgade 56 in Copenhagen.

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Love Will Find You

September - November 2017

Join us at our Hidden Boutique in Copenhagen.


One rose for every piece of jewellery created

for the people who love each other the way they are

May - September 2017

Spring is here. Celebrate your love and join the Rose Wall in Bredgade, Copenhagen.

rose love rough diamonds

There's Always A Wild Side To An Innocent Face

January - May 2017

Carnival offers us a dynamic way of self expression and exploration, a way to seek out our roots, a way to develop new forms of looking at the world and its cultures.
More importantly, a way to unite the world, to discover what we all have in common and to celebrate what makes us different.


Roughdiamonds.dk Christmas 2016

Christmas rough diamonds Maya Mjørnsten Copenhagen

Artist Sophie Dupont Performs “Marking Breath”

Art Performance Event 29th of October 2016

Danish Performance Artist Sophie Dupont perform “Marking Breath” in my Hidden Boutique.

Sometimes it is important to stop and just breathe. That is why I will be welcoming the Danish Performance Artist Sophie Dupont to perform her art “Marking Breath”.

Sophie Dupont’s art explores the ritual repetition of the most important and simple action in life: breathing. With breathing as the starting point of the work, the barrier between art and life is removed. The work depends on breathing like the existence of life itself.

This artwork has been Sophie’s hallmark for years and it is always performed in the same way; from sunrise to sunset she will mark each of her breathes without pause.

She has performed “Marking Breath” all over the world, including the Performance Festival Forma Y Sustancia in San Salvador and the Fountain Art Fair in New York.

It is beautiful when Sophie Dupont uses her body as the medium and transforms her actions into an artwork. For this reason we have chosen a gold pannel for her day with us, that will later be displayed in our hidden boutique.  I would, therefore, love to invite you to enjoy Sophie’s performance with us and perhaps join her work by marking your own breath. Any piece of jewellery bought on the day will also get a mark of breath by Sophie in commemoration of this special event.

At sunset we will be toasting to life with a glass of champagne, so join us at Bredgade 56, 1260 Copenhagen K on the

29th of October from sunrise at 8.11 AM to sunset at 17.35 PM.

Fall In Love

September - November 2016


Feel free, fly away

Spring/Summer 2016


Blow me away

Autumn 2015


Fornasetti hosting at our hidden Boutique