Opening Of Our New In-House Workshop 2020

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Our family has grown with three women, who are our new in-house goldsmiths and diamond setter.

To celebrate the new in-house workshop, we will be popping some bubbles on the 29th-31st of January, 2020 from 11.00-18.30 while we clean and check your pieces of jewelry as our service.

Having our own workshop in our Hidden Boutique will open a whole new world of possibilities. It will allow me to be even more creative and to develop even more designs with my rough beauties.

If you have a dream about a unique rough diamonds piece or some older pieces of jewellery collecting dust in a drawer, then we will be happy to brainstorm with you on how to give them a new life.

It’s a new beginning for us, but it has been my dream for years and to finally see it come true feels like a miracle. We look forward to welcome you into our new universe.