In 2008, Maya Bjørnsten was invited alongside 12 established Danish goldsmiths and jewellery designers to exhibit at The Royal Residence Museum. She was especially chosen in order to present her version of the tiara in the 21st century.
The exhibition, which ran from March till August 2009, also featured creations and historical pieces from the royal family’s private collections. Maya Bjørnsten’s primary inspiration was of course the showcasing of rough diamonds. The result exemplified that a tiara can be both understated and elegant at the same time.
164 ct. New Look is a 21st century tiara. Precisely shaped according to the roughdiamonds.dk philosophy about a simpler and more understated expression centered on the diamond. A multifunctional tiara for so much more than gala.
164 ct. New Look incorporates 136,47 carat faceted diamonds in black, yellow & white. It is then adorned with carefully selected 27,65 carat rough diamonds of the highest quality. This total of 164,12 carat is set on bows of 55,2 grams 14kt yellow gold & black rhodium white gold. 14kt has been chosen for its maximal density and elasticity. Rather than using a traditional welding technique the hardened bows are joined by laser to preserve the strength of this light and subtly flexible structure. Needless to say, 164 ct. New Look is a unique, handmade piece.
The three bows of 164 ct. New Look symbolizes its three uses. Combining all three bows the tiara can rest on the front of the hair or further back on the middle of the head over a tall style. For a less formal expression, the golden and white bows can be worn alone. And finally, the black bow with the three rough diamonds can be worn alone as a 21st century hair bow.
The total number of diamonds is 1,033.

Price on request: Maya@roughdiamonds.dk