Our School Project

A glimpse from our trip to Africa in March 2018 and our school project in the remote village Chisanza (North Eastern Zambia)


Love Never Fails

A little over a year ago my 13-year-old daughter along with her friend, started her own project, Pillows For Africa, where half the profit of every handcrafted pillow sold goes directly to a health clinic in rural Zambia.

Rebekka inspires me every day. That is why we decided to work with a local school next to the health clinic in Chisanza, North Eastern Zambia. A remote area with lots of opportunities to grow and prosper.

This year, we will support the children with pencils, books and other necessities for their schooling. We visited the school in March 2018 and it touched my soul, heart and mind to see the difference a pen and a book can make. We hope to play a small part in helping young Zambians reach their dreams.
Although we sell luxury, getting an education should not be. For every piece of jewellery we sell, Roughdiamonds.dk gives a donation directly to the children and their school.

This is the first time we have done something like this. We don’t have a grand plan yet. We just know that we want to make a positive difference. For now the pupils have books, and we will continue to support them with more teachers, tables, chairs and more.

 We want to give you a glimpse of our journey to Chizansa, so my rough diamond of a husband has created this video filled with love.


First Step

We have just received these beautiful pictures from the secluded school in Chisanza, Zambia and we just wanted to share the good news about their progress. Now they have new school books, pens, papers and chalk from the first of hopefully many donations from Roughdiamonds.dk. In time we hope to help them get more teachers in primarily English, to provide them with tables and chairs so they will be able to have something to learn at, and windows for the school building they are so proud to have build for themselves.