We don't see imperfections, we see character and individuality.

It’s hard to be perfect, actually it’s impossible. Yet we constantly chase it, and it’s exhausting. Imagine if we could be happy with our own imperfections and accept imperfections in others? That’s when we are our happiest.


Because imperfection is interesting. Imperfection is personality, it’s character, it’s human. Leonard Cohen famously said, “There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”. We couldn’t agree more. Love it like it is.


Secret Beauties

The Carnival in Venice is famous for its big masquerades, where everyone is hiding behind a mask. Sometimes life itself can feel like a masquerade, where we are hiding our true selves. We believe life is most beautiful when we see the true wonder behind the masks and loves us exactly for who we are. To us, that is the secret beauty of the rough diamonds, who are brave enough to show their beauty to the world without any cutting and polishing. That is the secret beauty of being and loving life as it is.




How we work: